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Championship Series Picks


Yankees vs Rangers

The Yankees showed up against the Twins and it appears to have gotten them back on track after a shaky September going 11-17. The big concern though is the six days off and how that will affect them. For some of the older veterans like Jorge & Andy I see it as a positive, but for the ace Sabathia it could be a bad thing. He thrives on momentum and him having over a week off could weaken his stuff and going into a game one against Cliff Lee he may need his top stuff. With that said he is an ace for a reason and the challenge of finally beating Lee after he took the W in Game 1 of last seasons last World Series. The Rangers are a hard team not to root for, from the outsider perspective at least, for one big reason Josh Hamilton. Everyone pulls for him and those who do not obviously do not care about second chances and redemption.  The Yankees will take this series in 5 games, besting Cliff Lee in Game 5 to advance to their 41st World Series.


Giants vs Phillies

The Phillies looked great against the Reds, but its hard to not look great when your ace threw the second no-hitter in all of postseason history in his first ever postseason start. They also came from behind late in Game 2 of the NLDS and had another pitching gem in Game 3 so they look tough. The Giants also looked pretty good against the Braves with some really good pitching performances. This series has the makings to be the complete opposite of the ALCS, where hitting is sure to rule a majority of the games, but pitching will take center stage with excellent pitching. I know the Phillies look great, but I am going to take the surprise pick here and take the Giants in 6 games.

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