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NBA Playoff Picks

I had a very respectable 7/8 correct picks for the playoff teams in each conference. so Here is my updated Playoff picks to compare against my preseason ones.

EAST Round 1

1.Cavs vs 8. Bulls

Cavs will trounce the Bulls here in 5 games and Lebron will be dominate and refreshed after his end of the season sit. Bulls barely sneak in and I don’t see them doing much in the playoffs.

2.Magic vs 7. Bobcats

I am taking the Bobcats in 7 because as much of a Tar Heels fan that I am, I do not have much confidence in a Vince Carter team even if he is a role player. No I am just kidding. Magic in 6 but it will be a fun series and I will finally get to see a Bobcats game yay.

3. Hawks vs. 6. Bucks

The Bucks have been one of the great stories this year, but I like the Hawks in 5.

4.Celtics vs. 5. Heat

D-Wade has a big series and the Celtics get even older. I like the Heat in 5.

WEST Round 1

1. Lakers vs 8. Oklahoma City

I like the Thunder here. I am a big fan of Durant and Westbrooke and I like them to win this series in 7, no joke it will be an awesome series keep an eye out.

2. Dallas vs 7. San Antonio

I like the Mavs here in 6.

3. Suns vs. 6. Trail Blazers

Steve Nash leads the Suns in this series and they win it in 5.

4. Nuggets vs 5. Jazz

I like the Nuggets here. My boy Ty Lawson has a big series and they win this in 5.

East Round 2

1. Cavs vs 5. Heat

Cavs win easily again in 5 this time as well.

2. Magic vs. 3. Hawks

I like the Hawks in this one. Joe Johnson will be the dominate force in this series.

West Round 2

4. Nuggets vs 8. Thunder

I think Durant come through in a game seven to win this series.

2. Mavs vs 3. Suns

Mavs in 6

East Conference Finals

1. Cavs vs 3. Hawks

I like the Cavs in 5 again. This will be a fun series to watch even though it will be a short series.

West Conference Finals

2. Mavs vs 8. Thunder

My love affair with the Thunder is over and I will take the Mavs in 6

NBA Finals

1. Cavs vs. 2. Mavs

Cavs in 5, Lebron will average a triple double this series and easily win his first title and finals mvp trophies.

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