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NBA Preview

So here it is my NBA predictions for the 2009-2010 Season. I am only doing a preview on the teams I think will make the playoffs and not worrying about those who won’t. This is partly because this is a lot of work and the Yankees are in the playoffs so my free sports time is dedicated to the games. I know there might be some crazy picks, but my NBA Knowledge is pretty limited heading into the season, so read this for enjoyment.

Eastern Conference

1. Cleveland Cavaliers (65-17)

LeBron and gang look to make up for  last seasons conference finals loss to the Magic. The addition of Shaq will help and Danny Green will be a very valuable rookie addition, he is a really great shooter. Shaq and Lebron are both hungry for a title this year and this is the year LeBron gets his first.

2. Boston Celtics (58-24)

The big three should be healthy and the addition of Rasheed Wallace will help the Celtics challenge the Cavs this year. This is a very old team, but if they stay healthy they will go far into the playoffs.

3. Orlando Magic (50-32)

I like Vince Carter since he is a Tar Heel. This team should be a good regular season team, but they will play the toughest competition in the East so this season won’t be easy. I see a first round exit though this year.

4. Atlanta Hawks (49-33)

This is a well rounded team. I just like them from what I have read about them. They do some things this year.

5.Washington Wizards (45-37)

If Arenas is healthy and the supporting cast around him leads them back to the playoffs, but still end up with an early round exit.

6. Miami Heat (42-40)

Wade leads them to the playoffs and a first round upset of the Magic, if his supporting class stays out of rehab.

7. Charlotte Bobcats (40-42)

My new team makes the playoffs for the first time in franchise history, thanks to my new fandom, thats the only reason I am putting them there.  It will be exciting to watch Bobcats basketball this year.

8. Chicago Bulls (39-43)

Good enough to make the playoffs with Rose. MJ made the hall this year so the Bulls should make the playoffs.


9.Detroit Pistons (37-45)

10.Philadelphia 76ers (37-45)

11. Toronto Raptors (35-47)

12. New York Knicks (34-48)

13. Indiana Pacers (33-49)

14. New Jersey Nets (24-58)

15. Milwaukee Bucks (20-62)


Western Conference

1. LA Lakers (63-19)

Defending Champions should be in position to make another run, although I am not a big fan of the Artest signing that could harm them in long run, but Kobe is one of the two best in the league and will be good enough to finish the regular season with the one seed in the West.

2.Portland Trail Blazers (58-24)

I like this team a lot. I think they will do big things this year. I think Oden proves why he deserved being drafted number one overall a few years ago. They have a nice mix of young guys and savy veterans. They will become the team no one wants to play in the postseason.

3. San Antonio Spurs (57-25)

This team is a bit older, but Tim Duncan has one more run in him. They had a great draft getting DeJuan Blair and the trade for Richard Jefferson will give this team a boost. Look for them to be a strong contender all season.

4. Dallas Mavericks (53-29)

I like Mark Cuban, therefore I like the Mavs. I also think they have a pretty solid team. If they are close come the trade deadline Cuban won’t be afraid to make a move to put them over the top.

5. Denver Nuggets (50-32)

George Karl is a good coach who got his team to the conference finals last season, but I do not really like this team a ton, something about it. Do not see them going very far after the regular season.

6. New Orleans Hornets (47-35)

Chris Paul is a beast. This will lead to a very exciting first round match-up with the Trail Blazers.

7. Utah Jazz (46-36)

They have a lot of questions, but Deron Williams is good enough for them to at least sneak into the playoffs.

8. Oklahoma City Thunder (41-41)

A very very talented team, I see them as the West’s surprise team this year. This will be their first playoff appearance in a string of many coming up in the near future.


9. Phoenix Suns (39-43)

10. Houston Rockets (39-43)

11. Memphis Grizzlies (30-52)

12. LA Clippers (26-56)

13. Golden State Warriors (23-59)

14. Minn T-Wolves (18-64)

15. Sacramento Kings (15-67)




Round One

1)Cavs over 8 ) Bulls

2) Celtics over 7) Bobcats

6) Heat over 3) Magic

4)Hawks over 5) Wizards

Round 2

1) Cavs over 4) Hawks

2) Celtics over 6) Heat

Conference Finals

Cavs over Celtics


1) Lakers over 8) Thunder

2)Trail Blazers over 7) Jazz

3) Spurs over 6) Hornets

4)Mavs over 5) Nuggets

Second Round

Lakers over Mavs

Trail Blazers over Spurs

Conference Finals

Trail Blazers over Lakers


Cavs over Trail Blazers




LeBron James

This seems like a very obvious pick. He is very good. He ends up with his second MVP and first championship when all is said and done this season.

Defensive Player of the Year

Dwight Howard

Howard will make it back to back  awards.

Coach of the Year

Larry Brown

Leading the Bobcats to playoff will help him win the award. With Thunder coach Scott Brooks finishing a close second for leading his team to the playoffs.

Rookie of the Year

Tyler Hansbrough

Why not? Rookie of the year is a crap shoot so I will pick my guy from the past four years.

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