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Becoming an NBA Fan

This year’s NBA season will be a little different for me. I love basketball, especially college basketball, since I grew up in college basketball country in North Carolina. But I have never really dedicated myself to being a fan of the NBA. This year is going to be different. I am going to become a fan. I am going to watch some games. I am not going go overboard and spend every waking moment on the NBA. I am thinking I’ll become a fan of basketball like many guys have become soccer fans over the past year. It is going to be the same thing, except I’ll be sticking to a sport I know, just with a different league. This won’t interfere with my college basketball fandom. I will still root for my Tar Heels harder than ever, As much as I love the Yankees there is something about Tar Heel basketball that I love more than any other sport. I will also be attending games and rooting for my current school Mizzou. Those basketball teams will take precedent.
My plan to become an NBA fan involves a few things. First I am in a fantasy league with my friends, no money on the line, but it still gets serious among us, so that will help me focus on the league as a whole. I figure that will be about 5-10 minutes a day I will spend on my team, like with fantasy baseball. Second, I picked a team to root for. I went with the obvious team and picked my home state team in the Charlotte Bobcats. Yes, I purchased a very nice Bobcats shirt as step one in becoming a fan. If their games ever appear on national TV, I will do my best to watch it. I don’t think they are on national TV, which is fine by me, I am a busy guy and can check out the highlights on the internet. They seem like a natural fit. They have a lot of Tar Heel connections, MJ is part owner, they are a connection to my home state, and they have one of my all time favorite college players in Raymond Felton. I will also spend a few minutes each day reading Bobcats coverage. The Charlotte Observe has a very nice section that should work well with me. I will also be able to understand some of the Sports Guy’s columns a bit better as well. In addition to that, I will be purchasing his basketball guide, which is a 700-page book on the NBA that should bring my knowledge up to speed. Also, if there is a national TV game on that is a good match up and nothing else is going on then I will check out the game.
Why am I doing this? I have enough on my plate with school, Jumpstart, field work, watching college basketball, attending Mizzou games, the NFL season, the MLB playoffs will still be going on once the season starts, then MLB hot stove starts. Well come February, the NBA will be the only game in town that is actually on, that and the NHL, but who cares. I am doing this because winter break will allow me to watch games. I want to pick up something new. I want to see if the NBA is as good as it was with MJ (I was a budding basketball fan when MJ came back with the Wizards, so I was a fan of the Wizards and Knicks for about two years, but once he was gone, I was done with the NBA pretty much not caring about it, but sometimes acting like it.) I purchased a LeBron jersey when he was a rookie, which was about the last year I cared about the league. He was coming in and I was leaving. I didn’t pick the Cavs as my team because that seemed like a bandwagon thing and I would not do that, I am against bandwagon fans in all sports. I thought of the Knicks, but that was my dad’s team growing up and I want to have a different team to root for than my dad for once. Growing up each year I would pick a different NFL team to root for, for a few years the Broncos stuck and then for a few years the Vikings. (Sorry this is the first time you’re hearing this Adam, Ill explain later) But the year before they won the Super Bowl I decided to be like my pops and root for the G-Men, good call by me doing it the year before, and also maintain rooting for my home state team in the Carolina Panthers.
I also want to see some of the players I watched in college at the next level. I want to be able to contribute intelligently to conversations on the NBA with my friends. Lastly, I want to see LeBron, Kobe, Chris Paul, and the wave of great players I have heard about in the league. I am really excited for this season to get started. Go Bobcats!!! I will be working on a NBA preview and getting it up soon, get ready for it.

P.S. Mrs. Malizia, I know I used I “a lot” in this post, please don’t be mad, it was the only way to write this.

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