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The blog is called Chinni’s Chatter, so every now and then I am going to hit a few stories that either don’t deserve an entire blog or I when I just don’t want to write about one thing entirely. So I will write different kinds of chatter. Chatter will encompass my thoughts on everything from sports to music to tv to something good that I ate recently.

Mizzou Football

Thankfully, I got paid to watch this game on TV. The weather was miserable and the outcome didn’t work out in the favor of the school I am paying thousands of dollars to attend. I was not able to attend this game so I did not have to sit in the cold rain for hours. I would have enjoyed the first three quarters, but the fourth would have ruined the entire experience. Coach Pinkle why did we pass that ball so much? Please explain that too me. I would say I have the football IQ of a slightly above average fan, but my friends who have played the game and are more into it also wondered the same thing. This was clearly a run the ball game, that was very obvious to most people watching on the tube and in the stands. That was just a terrible game, that we should have run. Also, I lost some interest after the score was no longer 2-0, I was really hoping to see that as the final score, but no.

Here is a plug for my roommates blog. He had a horrible sports week last week. He is a Packers, Mizzou, Cardinals, and Illinois fan and all got killed last week, he deserves it.


Well, I did ok in the first round getting half the series right, but half of my World Series got swept, while the other half swept there opponent. I know I picked the Red Sox to advance, but liked seeing them getting swept. I don’t fear the Angles, like a lot of Yankees fans are. I like the Phillies to beat the Dodgers in 6 games. I cannot say this enough, I do not want to play Joe Torre in the World Series that would suck to beat him. I will go with a biased pick here and take the Yankees in 5, they win the first two at home, then win two in Anaheim. I like the 3 man rotation, our three best on short rest is better than taking Joba out of the pen or using some other dude.  CC Wins two games, AJ and Andy win one each.

The Office

It finally happened, Jim and Pam were married, in a very Office way. The episode was way funnier than I expected, I always expect very little from the hour episodes cause they usually are sub-par. I enjoyed everything from Andy’s scrotum injury, Dwight unrealistically hooking up with a Bridesmaid, and Michael telling Toby that he would not stay with him because Toby needs to get used to sleeping alone, classic. This has been a very solid season thus far, keep it up guys. When the Office is on there is nothing funnier on TV, except possible How I Met Your Mother.

How I Met Your Mother

I just started watching this show over the summer when I watched all four seasons over the course of three months. If your impressed by that I watched six seasons of The West Wing in about three months, then finished the seventh once finals were over. TV on DVD is a great invention, until you get to the series finale and realize there is no more left. I shed some tears once President Bartlet got on the plane back to New Hampshire. Thankful HIMYM is still on. This season has been very good so far and this past weeks was very good. It gave us fans another website to go along with Tedmosbyisajerk.com and Barneys Video Resume site. We know have a new addition in itwasthebestnightever.com. Go watch it and enjoy you will be happy. It is awe…. wait for it some.

Other things I liked lately

  • The Panthers picking up their first win.
  • The Giants dominating the Raiders.
  • Jumpstart!

That is about all I got today. Stay classy San Diego.

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