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Simple Bus Ride, Gone WRONG

On Thursday and Friday, I attended a conference in Kansas City for my job, and on the way we had a very adventurous bus ride to say the least. So here is the story and all my fellow bus two riders can back me up on this. Keep in mind the ride should have taken just over two hours.

2:45- We board the bus(not just a bus, a school bus with very high seats which made talking to the person in front was a challenge. Also very little leg room, and by that I mean none), team leaders take role call, we drive away from Memorial Union heading toward I-70.

2:49-Bus driver has decided to take the most complicated way imaginable. We went through several side streets on a huge bus. Not very smart. The simple way would have had us on 1-70 in about 8 mins not the 15 or so it took. Fellow bus riders and I make comments to each other about the way we are headed, since they are also very confused.

3:04- We finally get on to 70. Step 1 complete.

3:35- Ride is going smoothly now after the beginning confusion, as my seatmate and I try to think of games to play. We settle on hangman. Here is a sample: Th_ /B_s /Dr_v_r/ is/Cr_ _y/ (for those who could not figure it out, The Bus Driver is Crazy was what we were looking for there).

3:55- We switched to 20 questions. During the game I learned that dogs have whiskers because I apparently did not know that.

4:33- We are now reading magazines that I brought along for the ride. I am well into a great Time article on a terrorist plot being unfoiled.

4:45ish- Bus pulls over to side of the road, and we all start questioning what is going on.

4:46-  Driver gets out of bus, starts looking at windows. Being pulled over on the side of I-70 causes some panic and concern through out the bus.

4:49- We get word that the window shield wipers are not working. Our fantastic driver calls her supervisor, and arrangements are made to get a new bus apparently.

4:51- I mention to all that can hear me, that it is no longer raining and we could drive without the wipers.

4:52- Several other of my fellow riders agree with me.

4:55- Annoyed, we all go back to doing what we were doing, with the addition of side banter criticizing the bus driver.

5:00ish- We start driving, the bus riders get excited about this, but are told we are driving a few exits down to wait for our new bus.

5:15- We pull into a travel center that acts as a gas station, restaurant, convenience store, and Popeyes Chicken. After being told it would be about 30-45 minutes before the new bus arrives, many of us head inside for the bathroom, and, quickly realizing that we would be missing dinner which started at 6, we make it a snack break.

5:20- I grab a bag of honey mustard pretzels then start making the difficult choice-Butterfinger or Butterfinger Crisp. I decided to survey my friends, before going to the wisdom of my team leader. She highly recommends the Butterfinger, and I trust her judgement.

5:22- Yet to make my purchase, I stumbled upon Red Bull Coal. I was very excited to try this, and had to get rid of something in my hands. I thought the the pretzel nuggets that are honey mustard flavor would be the best pick with the Coal, and I recalled them being yummy. Well, they were not. I am still bitter about not going with the Butterfinger. It would have tasted so great with the Coal. The Coal, by the way, was awesome.

5:26- In line to purchase, a team leader is next to the greeting cards where she picked out the funniest one ever. It was a Christmas card to my best friend and soul mate, and after she had us all laughing, I thought it would make a great card for my roommate, but $3.50 was not worth the joke.

5:36- Snacks are done being eaten, we head back to the store area, and messed around with all the great things we saw. This store had a lot of crap and we collectively played with most of it, go team!

5:44- We run through the rain back to the bus, still waiting for a new one. The Team Leaders have chips and salsa so I become the designated chip holder to my small section of the bus while we goof around and eat our chips and salsa.  By the way I recommend these pita chips from Sam’s Club, they kick ass.

5:54- Team bonding is still going on, we are getting thistight.

6:00- New bus arrives, we are all very happy, even though its a short bus. Our driver says, “All we have to do is get on the new bus and for me to adjust my seat and we can get a move on.” This was said before the new bus pulled up by us for us to get in so she had not met her fellow bus driver.

6:08- We are all on new bus and role call has been taken. (The backs on these seats are normal, so I can see the person in front of me, makes conversation easier.) Now waiting on the driver.

6:17- We are still waiting for the driver to get her seat “adjusted.” She is busy flirting with the one tooth driver, all of us start getting annoyed.

6:23- Bus gets back on 70. We are moving, but have missed dinner. Thankfully they arrange for us to eat when we get there. Our Site managers rule!

6:34-We are pulled over to the side of the road.

6:35- She gets out of the driver seats and ask those in the back to mess around with stuff in the back. We all want her to be quiet. We think we are about 30 mins away, we are hungry, and we want her to shut up. I’m sorry Penny, I meant be quiet.

6:38- We get moving again, and we are all really hungry and bitter.

7:00 – We are getting close to downtown KC. YAY!!!

7:13- We pass the downtown sign, several of us wonder out loud why we didn’t take that exit. It said 13th street, we need 12th.

7:15- We are pulled over on an overpass. An OVERPASS!!! Worry starts to conquer some of the bus riders, not me though.

7:16- We are moving, but still lost.

7:20- We are on a railroad track. I repeat we are driving on railroad tracks.

7:23- We have gotten off the tracks, but now pulled over by a c-shaped hill that has rocks on both sides. Girls are screaming, panic has begun. I am still calm.

7:24- We saw what appeared to be a train.  For a moment some of us thought we were going to die, the girl next to me had a death grip on my arm. Thankfully it was just a truck. Everything’s okay!

7:25- We have a KC native on our bus, and he takes control of the directions. We start driving, rocks start moving.

7:26- We make it up the hill.

7:27- We are back on some highway, but we don’t really know where.

7:32- We are in Kansas. Holy Crap. We are actually in KANSAS. Why would we be in KANSAS?

7:35- We are out of Kansas, thank god. That is not a state I wanna be in longer than I have to. Stupid Jayhawks.

7:45- We are on 12th street yay!!

7:52- We pull in to the hotel, THANK YOU GOD!!!

7:55- I’m off the bus, I hug someone who was meeting us there and thank her for having dinner ready for us.

8:00-We are seated for dinner!!

8:05- I am putting food in my mouth.

8:12- Dinner time is over. Game time!

That’s the story of the bus ride to KC. The just over two hour ride took just over 5. I enjoyed myself though, it was fun, but crazy.

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  1. Auntie Jean
    October 25, 2009 at 7:41 PM

    This was a riot! Only in Misssouri, no, I mean Kansas, no, I mean Florida ……I think your driver was from Florida! That’s my story and I’m sticking to it! Good job Shane!

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