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Opening Day thoughts

I watched a lot of baseball yesterday. With the exception of a Taco Bell run and doing some wash, I was fixated on TBS from about 5pm till a little after midnight, that is a lot of time that could have been used for more productive things like homework or reading or doing good deeds, but I picked watching playoff baseball, which was ultimately the best decision except for one thing, TBS’s coverage is horrible. The audio cut out frequently during the Cards game, there was minimal replays which was especially maddening after a few close plays, but the viewers did not get any second looks, thanks for that. Also the announcers appeared to have never spoken to each other because the chemistry was dreadful and there was really nothing positive to say about it. I have a great solution for a network that broadcast one game a week during the regular season, hire outside guys who have worked together. Why not reward broadcast teams from  local networks? It would be awesome to hear Vin Scully announcing the Dodgers game instead of Dick Stockton who is primarily a football guy. Who cares if there is a little bit of bias in the both, I would take superb announcing over a bunch of talking heads, who often seem to be favoring one team anyways. Joe Buck called Cardinals playoff games while working as the play by play guy and no one cared. I wouldn’t mind hearing Michael Kay and Kenny Singlton doing the Yankees games or even calling the Sox-Angles series. Also can we find away to get Bob Costas doing some play by play, he does work for MLB and they make money off the playoffs so lets use him.

Off my TBS tangent now I liked several things about yesterday. The biggest was the Yankees win. The most important thing to have happened during that game was A-Rod finally getting a meaningful playoff hit when he singled to score Derek Jeter yesterday to provide the Yanks with an insurance run. It going to be a big postseason for him. CC looked great too, that is why he gets paid the big bucks to go out and pitch like that in October. Once the Yankees got him a lead that is all he needed.  Also, whats not to like about the Captain’s game tying homer in the third and Joba throwing heat out of the pen.

The other game I watched in full was the Cards and Dodgers game. The only thing I have to say is Chris Carpenter what was that performance all about. Your the ace you cannot get a 1-0 lead before throwing your first pitch and then give it up like that. I also did not like when Joe Torre bought in Jeff Weaver from the pen, it bought back real bad memories from the 2003 World Series that put me in a dark place for awhile. One more suggestion for both teams for tonight’s game, when runners are in scoring position it might be best to make some kind of attempt to bring them home. Just saying.

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