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Playoff Picks

Leaves are starting to turn, meaning one thing its baseball playoff time. I am starting my return to writing by talking about baseball, my first love. I should mention my two biases here, I am a huge Yankees fan and attended the same high school as Rick Ankiel, my favorite non-Yankee, but I will do my best to put those to the side as best as I can, and in no way will those show with my World Series match up.


Yankees vs Twins

The Yankees go into this series with all the cards in their hand. They have a dominant lineup highlighted by newcomer Teixeira and newfound team centered A-Rod. In years past the lineup has been as monstrous as this one, but they have not had a team with the pitching that this one has. The Twins went on quiet a run to win their division, which has helped teams in recent years like the 2007 Rockies, but the Yankees just have the Twins number, especially this season going 7-0. The Yankees should wrap this one up in four games.

Angles vs Red Sox

The Angels are another one of those special teams by pulling together after the death of pitcher Nick Adenhart. The Red Sox are a very good team too with power pitching and hitting, with the Angels having great speed and solid pitching. I like the Red Sox in five in this one. This should be a really great series.


Rockies vs Phillies

Both teams have been here before as they are the last two teams to represent the NL in the fall classic. The defending champs are just a well-rounded team, excluding the bullpen. But the Rockies are one of those teams on a run, a lot like the Twins, who have played excellently once Jim Tracy took over, and there pitching staff is really good. I like the Rockies’s enough to get this series to five games, but the Phillies win that game to take the series.

Cardinals vs Dodgers

Tough match up for me, my favorite NL team in my new home state against the only Yankees manger I knew in my childhood, Joe Torre, one of the people I admire tremendously. This is a tough series; both teams have not played the best baseball during September, but the Cards lineup and pitching will be good enough to get them past the Dodgers. Cards should win it in four games behind Carpenter and Wainwright saving me from a Yankees-Dodgers series and me having to make the gut wrenching choice of rooting against Torre.

Yankees vs Red Sox
This is the perfect outcome to open up the New Yankee Stadium. A classic mid-October Yankees Red Sox match up. This would be the battle for team of the decade, if the Yankees win this and go on to win the World Series than they win the bid for team of the decade by making the playoffs in all but one year in the Oughts and winning the World Series twice. Even thought the Sox won two championships they missed the playoffs in 2000, 2001, 2002, 2006. Looking at this match up though, I like this Yankees team to win it after starting 0-8 this year against the Sox they finished 9-1 to tie the season series and won when it counts. I see that streak continuing in a 5 game series. The Red Sox are a really good team, but the Yankees are in there heads again and will be in a tough series against the Angles to advance to the ALCS which will take a toll on them. Yanks in 5, series MVP A-Rod who will hit in the .300s with 4 homers, one in a clutch spot, and 14 RBIs.

Phillies vs Cardinals
This is going to be the best series of the playoffs. Two teams with really good rotations and line ups. The starting pitching in this series is going to be phenomenal with Lee, Hamels, Happ, and Pedro throwing for the Phils and Wainwright and Carpenter for the Cards. This will go seven games, with the Phillies bullpen being their downfall this season after mid-season pick up Matt Holliday gets a clutch hit late in the game to win the series for the Cards and earning him the series MVP.

World Series
A November World Series in the Bronx, should be fun for all. With all the hype of the Yankees $400million + in off season acquisitions the man in this series will be non other than Mr. November himself Derek Jeter. He has had a great year at the plate and in the field and as always as a leader, I see him being a monster in the World Series with a walkoff hit or two and a few game saving plays in the field. The Cards will becoming off a long draining series and this just seems like its the Yankees season. I will take the Yankees in a sweep, where I will by all means possible attempt to attend that Game 4 victory.

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